Climate-controlled storage at Lock Box Self Storage in Mt Juliet, Tennessee

Climate-Controlled Storage in Mt Juliet, Tennessee

Lock Box Self Storage is proud to offer climate-controlled storage units for rent in Mt Juliet. Climate-controlled storage works by maintaining the temperature and humidity level in your unit within a set limit. This is important because sudden changes in temperature, due to weather and other factors, can cause damage to sensitive materials. In addition, by regulating the temperature in your storage unit, we make it much more comfortable for you inside, regardless of the temperature outdoors.

Protection for Your Most Sensitive Possessions

Climate-controlled storage is ideal for protecting antique wood items that can crack or split due to temperature or humidity changes. Photographs, paintings, and legal papers are other items that benefit from climate-controlled storage. These items can become warped or damaged due to excessive humidity. Lock Box Self Storage’s climate-controlled features can help prevent this. Sensitive electronics like stereo equipment and computers are other items that can benefit from this type of storage.

Call our Mt Juliet, Tennessee, office to learn more about climate control and reserve your specialized unit today.

Climate-controlled units at Lock Box Self Storage in Mt Juliet, Tennessee