Should You Rent a Storage Unit for Your E-Commerce Business?


If you are opening a business for the first time, you might be wondering whether to do it from home or to open a business front. The choice can be scary because it means spending money and time. Changing from a home-run business to one in a business location is a scary choice and you might feel lost at what to do. Using a storage unit can often be a good in-between option. More and more people are running their e-commerce business from storage units. Find out why in this guide. The Growing Trend of Running Businesses from Storage Units The best part about storage units is that you can find any size you want. There are different solutions depending on how much product you have and how much space you need. The rent and fees for storage units are also a lot cheaper than buying a storefront or renting an office. Storage units are also perfect for seasonal businesses such as if you only sell products for the holiday time or during a certain season. Not sure if renting a storage unit is ideal for your business? Here are the most common reasons why a business can be run by a storage unit easily and efficiently. Perfect for Goods Homemade goods like crafts are perfect for storage units. Many people store goods like wood carvings, knitted items, jewelry, and other items in a storage unit. You can also store and pack items very easily from a storage unit compared to an office. The climate control offered by storage units also keeps them in good condition no matter what you might be making and selling. Security One of the best parts about storage units is that they also have good security. There are cameras so you can also see who is coming and going from your unit. Storage units are also fully gated around the premises. This means no one can enter the facility without a code. With security features, ...

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May 4th, 2023