What Cannot Be Stored in a Storage Unit?


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Moving your stuff into a storage unit is an exciting and extensive process. You must pack everything into boxes, take inventory, and pick the right size locker for your belongings. On top of this process, it’s critical to remember some items cannot go inside a storage unit for practical and liability-related reasons. What things cannot go in a storage unit? If you’re interested in learning more about what cannot go in a storage unit, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the items that should never go in a storage unit. Although there might be some locations with different rules, most storage unit companies do not want these inside their buildings. Items that Cannot Be Stored in a Storage Unit Food Food is a no-go in a storage locker. Some locations permit non-perishables, but most exclude food altogether. Perishable food items are the worst. These include foods that need refrigeration or that aren’t properly sealed inside containers for storage. The worst food inside a locker includes: Fruits and vegetables Proteins Various forms of bread These will rot and create a disastrous situation in your locker. Some lockers aren’t sealed completely. If you leave food inside your locker and it rots, the smell will attract bugs and other critters who want to eat your snack. The food may also grow mold, which could then make its way onto your other belongings. Avoid perishable food in a storage locker at all costs. Living Things Living things don’t belong inside a storage locker. Whether you’re considering living inside a unit or making it a home for plants or animals, don’t do it. A storage locker is not a proper living location, and there could be disastrous results. If you have plants, keep them out. Flora needs sunlight and water to survive and won’t last long in dark and airtight conditions. If you have pets, keep them out of the locker. Placing them inside is cruel and could result in criminal charges. Lastly, do not live in a storage locker. Although it ...

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April 10th, 2023

Why You Should Rent a Storage Unit While Moving


Renting a storage unit while moving is popular to improve efficiency and decrease stress during the moving process. Whether you are moving across the country or within town, moving is always overwhelming. There are lots of details to manage. A storage unit helps make moving more manageable. Continue reading to learn all the benefits of renting a storage unit while moving. We will discuss everything you need to know about storage solutions for movers. Benefits of Renting a Self-Storage Unit While Moving Reduce Moving Stress One of the main things people face when they start moving is stress. Moving is a massive change; along with that change can come downsizing, new jobs, and a whole new life situation. The following are ways that renting a storage unit while moving reduces your moving stress. Renting a storage unit can help you manage your time better to feel less pressure while moving. Storage units are excellent organizational tools that help movers keep track of their items and reduce their fear of losing stuff. When you rent a storage unit and are downsizing, you'll have more time to determine which items you can keep and which items you need to get rid of. Storage units can help you slowly move your items into a new environment when you have a busy schedule. Using a storage unit will give you time to figure out where you want to place your furniture in your new location so that you don’t have to clutter your area too soon. Doing anything you can to reduce your moving stress would be best. Storage units can help you cut down that stress and help you focus on other moving necessities that are not storage related. Organize Your Items Organizing your household items when you move is essential to ensuring you don't lose anything important. It can be tempting just to throw anything in a box and haul it off to your new place without much thought, but when you unload the items, you'll be faced with a massive workload. ...

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June 28th, 2022

When to Use Climate-Controlled Storage Units


Blog Post 2022-06-27

Having more things than space to put them is a common issue across the United States. The most common reason that people often need additional storage space is surrounding a home sale, where either their old home sold quickly and closing on the new home is taking longer, or similar situations. This means you may end up with a house worth of furniture and electronics that you need to safely store for a few weeks, or maybe even a few months.Renting a storage unit is one of the easiest solutions to these challenges. It can be obtained nearly entirely online in a matter of minutes, it can potentially safeguard your property in times of uncertainty, and it can be used for as long as you want. But now many storage facilities are offering climate-controlled storage units, what are those, and when might you need one? What Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit? A climate-controlled storage unit is a storage unit that has its own temperature and humidity settings. You can generally set your temperature to stay anywhere between 55 and 85 degrees, to closely mimic what would be seen in a home somebody is living in. Generally, people tend to set their temperature lower, because higher temperatures are able to hold higher amounts of humidity The humidity can also be controlled, which is one of the more valuable benefits of the climate-control equipment in the storage units. Lowering the temperature can take excess water out of the air, which can go a long way to helping protect the property you’ve stored. Clothes and furniture can be stored longer and with less damage. When To Use Climate-Controlled Storage Depends on What’s Being Stored Climate-controlled units will generally cost more each month to rent. You may wonder if it’s really worth it to spend the extra costs. What can you store in a climate-controlled storage unit? Below are some of the most common things that store best in a climate-controlled environment. Furniture Just about every substance that furniture is made ...

June 27th, 2022

How Can You Store Your Mattress in a Storage Unit


There are few things as important as a mattress for your bedroom. You use it every night and it provides you with the most important thing in your life: a good night’s sleep! If you want a good mattress, it won’t be cheap. A high-quality, top-of-the-line mattress will cost you a lot of money. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to find a mattress that costs less than several hundred dollars. But that’s not a bad thing because a mattress will last you for years. In fact, you can continue to comfortably sleep on one for more than a decade. Many people actually keep their mattresses for just under 20 years. That’s quite the return on investment. When you think of how much money you will spend on a mattress - and just how important it will be - you know that you can’t just toss it into the storage unit without any thought when you aren’t using it. If you don’t store it correctly and smartly, you are only going to be wasting your mattress and wasting your money too. Yes, you can store your mattress in a storage unit but you need to do it the right way! Stay Away, Moisture! Moisture is always your enemy in a storage unit. There is no faster way to ruin your mattress than getting it wet or moist. If you allow it to get wet and then put it in a hot, dank, dark storage unit, the water will turn into bacteria and rot and your mattress will be completely unusable in no time at all. So, how do you keep moisture away from your mattress before you slide it into your storage unit? The best method is to wrap it in plastic. But you must remember that this has to be done correctly. You need to thoroughly wrap the mattress and make sure it is held tightly to the bedding. In other words, it has to be a tight seal. Do not use ...

May 25th, 2022

Common Items to Store in Storage Unit


Whether you are moving, decluttering, or acquired new equipment, storage units can improve your everyday life. As you start the storage process, you may have trouble deciding what should go into storage versus stay at home. Continue reading to learn some of the most commonly stored items, and a little more about how to store them safely. Hopefully, this will help you decide if you should get a storage unit, and choose which possessions to store. What are common items to store? Furniture It shouldn’t be a surprise that big items like furniture often end up in storage. There are a lot of reasons people store furniture, though it’s commonly a space concern. If you’ve just moved into a smaller home or apartment you may have to downsize how much furniture you have in your home. If you’re downsizing, there are usually two options: storage or selling your excess furniture. Many people choose to store their furniture instead of in case they move into a bigger home again soon. Otherwise, they might store furniture so it can replace the furniture they're using when it wears out, or because they're waiting for someone willing to buy it at a good price. Some people even store certain furniture, especially cradles and children’s beds, in anticipation of that furniture being used by the next generation. Regardless of why furniture is being stored, it should always be stored upright in as close to its proper position as possible. No tilting dressers or bookshelves to try and make more room. Some people also use dust covers or tarps to help protect their furniture from damage, though that isn't always necessary. Appliances Appliance also commonly end up in storage units. It’s also common to put appliances into storage temporarily for renovations, painting, and other big home improvement projects. That way you don’t have to worry about working around the appliance or accidentally damaging it in the process. Some people also hold on to old appliances just in case they need them ...

April 12th, 2022

Offsite Document Storage at A Self Storage Facility


Blog Post 2022-03-07

Offsite Document Storage Benefits Storing Business records can cause headaches for any business. Maintaining and storing these records are a big concern. Do you have enough space and what could you be doing with the space they are taking up? These records take up lots of space, and nobody wants to use all the good office storage space for files. Many businesses try to minimize the space they are storing all the documents, which makes it hard to find what you’re looking for and takes more time. Lock Box Self Storage can help with finding you the right storage size to help make it easy to find those documents when you need them and keep them secure. We offer 24-hour access so you can access the documents whenever you need them. Save Space Many businesses must save copies of their records for at least three, five, and even seven years or longer. If you have a significant number of clients or documents for the business, all those records will start to take over the office space. With office space being at a premium, why fill up your valuable work area with boxes of documents that are rarely needed? Offsite storage is a great way to free up space and help keep the clutter down in everyone’s workspace. Saving Money Using Lock Box Self Storage for your document storage can be significantly cheaper per square foot than your office space. Our storage will free up the limited workspace and give you more room to do what you do best. Keep Your Documents Safe Keep your business records that have sensitive, and personal information that must remain confidential. Storing these documents at Lock Box Self Storage will be locked and safe from anyone looking at them that don’t have permission. Having 24-hour access will give peace of mind that you can get to anything you need at any time. Using our climate-controlled environment will protect your ...

March 7th, 2022

Tips For Storing Large Appliances In storage


Looking for a safe storage unit, whether you are renovating, moving, or just need extra storage, Lock Box Self Storage has the space you need.  Use storage for seasonal clothes, the furniture you don’t need now, or documents you need to keep.  Make sure you prepare the things you’re storing.  We offer safe and reliable storage units and have a list of movers you could use to help more with storage.  We have some great tips if you will be storing large appliances.  There are three very useful ways to store appliances and find the right storage unit for your needs.  Large Appliance Storage All those large appliances that we use every day.  These are washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, large TVs, etc.  These devices are the group of expensive things we use every day.  Storing these properly with daily maintenance will prolong their life.  We need to pay attention to how we move and store these items.  Correctly moving and storing these items are a must, and will prolong the use.  Washing Machine Storage Washing machines require adequate storage preparation.  Three Tips for Storing Large Appliances When storing large appliances prepare these for storage.  Because when you think about storing these appliances, it can mean that they will be out o fuse for a while.  There are many reasons why you could be storing large appliances. Moving and not having a use for them right now, needing more space, renovating your home, or replacing with new appliances.  These will need to be properly stored.  Prepare Large Appliances for Packing and Storage You’ll want to find storage and packing supplies to protect your appliances.  Lock Box Self Storage can offer storage units where your appliances will be safe.  We have different size units and types to meet your needs.  Call our managers and they will help you find the right size storage and packing supplies to pack and protect the appliances. Storing Large Appliances In A Storage Unit Preparing is the main process when storing.  Whether you’re storing kitchen ...

February 21st, 2022

Self-Storage To Help Small Business Needs Mt. Juliet, Tennessee


Self-Storage to Help Small Business Needs If you’re a small business owner, you possess the sense to thrive in this competitive atmosphere of running a business. Every day has big goals, whether it’s to obtain more products, negotiate pricing, create marketing plans, and thousands of must-do things each day to succeed. We appreciate working with the Mount Juliet small businesses that are making their mark in their chosen industry, and we feel privileged to partner with many in our community. Lock Box Self Storage has put together a list to help small business owners know how a storage unit can help with their business goals. Storage features for Small Businesses No matter if you have a lawn care service, an e-commerce store, brick-and-mortar store, or any other business, a self-storage facility can help your business function better. We can be your warehouse for product supply, a place to store equipment, and much more. Here are some tips on how self-storage can help your business. Month-to-Month Contracts Not all businesses need a storage unit or vehicle parking for a full year. You might not know how long you’ll need it for, which makes our month-to-month service a great design. Use the storage for as long as you need it, and just let us know when you don’t need the space anymore. There’s enough to keep you busy, let Lock Box Self Storage help make your job easier. Climate Controlled Self Storage Our climate-controlled self-storage, spaces are heated and cooled based on the outside temperature. This will be a great place to store equipment, commercial products, or paper files that could be subject to extreme temperatures. Clean and Easy to Access Lock Box Self Storage is committed to cleanliness throughout our facility. We have two full-time employees at the facility working each day to meet all your needs. We understand that your business needs don’t fit into a certain time frame. Our facility allows 24-hour access that will fit perfectly with your ...

February 4th, 2022

Moving Day: How to Reduce Stress


Moving day can be full of emotions and stress. Even though moving can be a great thing. It still can be a stressful time. It is normal to feel a little anxious and sentimental during your move. Certain emotions can be difficult to avoid, but there are ways you can help to manage your moving stress. Fortunately, Lock Box Self Storage in Middle Tennessee can provide moving storage to help you with your big move. We have some great tips, different sizes, and types of self-storage units that will help keep your move organized and peaceful. Relocation Self-Storage As you create a plan to help ensure a smooth move. Make a to-do list, prioritize tasks and make a day by daytime line. Having a timeline for what needs to be done each day will help reduce moving stress and keep the move on track. Always allow extra time for small changes that might need to be made or things that can disrupt the move. If you’re moving to a different area, getting a storage unit can help as you decide on whether you want to put everything into the new home. If you are making a trip to the new city before your move day. Think about getting a small storage unit and taking those items you don’t want the moving company to move. Having them moved and stored before the moving day can help make sure they stay safe. Don’t Forget to Breath On moving days, it’s important to realize that a little “me’ time can help you stay focused and energized. Make sure to take time to have mealtime, take a break, and keep hydrated. You may even want to take a short stroll down your block to clear your head. Recharging your battery during your move will keep you ready for the next task. Money vs Time Spending that extra money to hire professionals for the move can help save energy and ease ...

January 20th, 2022

How Having Self Storage Units Can Help With The New Year’s Resolutions


2022 has just arrived, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Sometimes keeping a New Year’s resolution is easier said than done. At Lock Box Self Storage, we would like to help you keep some of those resolutions. Having a self-storage unit can help with different resolutions. Resolution: Moving Are you kicking off the new year by moving to a new home? Investing in a storage unit can pay dividends. If you have items, you’re not sure that you will want in the new home. Place them in storage until you know if you will want to take those appliances, trinkets, and furniture into your new home. Once you have settled into your new home and have time, you can see what stored items you want to move into the new home. You can decide to keep storing the items you don’t need right now or donate them. Using a storage unit at Lock Box Self Storage is great for putting all those extra items you don’t want in your home when you are staging it to be sold before you move into the new home or on a new renovation project. You may need temporary storage for appliances during a kitchen remodel. Storing furniture as you put down new flooring can help make these jobs so much easier. Once the remodel is done, just come and move your items back home. Resolution: Organizing Your Home If your resolution is to organize your life, organizing your home is a great place to start. Adding a storage unit to your life is a great way to extend your home space and keep you organized. Starting with your closets is a great place. Our store has large size wardrobe boxes, and four different size packing boxes. Using your storage unit to store seasonal clothing is a great way to start organizing your closets and giving you more room in the home. We have ...

January 1st, 2022

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