College Storage Made easy


May 13th, 2021

Is your college student moving back home for the summer, or traveling for study abroad? Lock Box Self Storage is a great way to keep your student’s items all in one place without having to find storage in your home. Let us help store your college student’s items the summer months or when they don’t have enough room.

Summer Storage

Use Lock Box Self Storage for your student’s summer closet. Pack up everything from your dorm room and load it into one of our 5x5, 5x10 or 10x10 storage units. You’ll have everything close incase you need something before you head back to school. This will keep your room at home clean, until your next school year!

Not Enough Space in Your Dorm Room

College living can be a great fun experience, dorm rooms may not fit all your items. These spaces can be small with little storage available, sharing your room will create less space. Choosing a storage unit that you can keep seasonal clothing, weekend sporting equipment, items you don’t need right now, will make that space feel larger. Our storage units will help you do just that.

Traveling or Studying Abroad

Having the opportunity to travel or study abroad or across country is amazing. Now what do you do with all your stuff? Renting a self-storage near your home be perfect. Lock Box Self Storage has space to accommodate all your dorm furniture and belongings. The units are rented on a month-to-month basis, so you can use storage for as little or as long as you need.

Best Options for College Storage

If you’ve decided that self-storage is the best option for your needs, the next thing to consider is type of storage you might need. Here are a few common features college students use!

Climate Control

Climate control units maintain an environment between 55 and 80 degrees year-round. This will help protect temperature-sensitive belongings from extreme heat and cold. If your plan to store items like musical instruments, paper documents, or electronics, climate-controlled storage is recommended. Lock Box Self Storage climate control is all one level with easy access.

Drive-Up Access

Drive-up access allows you to drive right up to your unit and start unloading all your items. This type of storage will stay the same temperature as it is outside. Drive-up units are great for storing large items, vehicles as your traveling and outdoor sporting equipment. Your enclosed garage-like space will allow for easy access to come and go from your space.

Vehicle Storage

Do you have a car or motorcycle that you won’t be using? Self-storage is a great way to keep it parked and secure. You can choose a great enclosed storage unit or our outdoor parking area. You’ll like the 24-hour access, so you can ride anytime.

Ready to get that storage unit? Lock Box Self Storage has convenient on line move in or just call us at 615.758.3433.