Common Items to Store in Storage Unit


April 12th, 2022

Whether you are moving, decluttering, or acquired new equipment, storage units can improve your everyday life. As you start the storage process, you may have trouble deciding what should go into storage versus stay at home. Continue reading to learn some of the most commonly stored items, and a little more about how to store them safely. Hopefully, this will help you decide if you should get a storage unit, and choose which possessions to store.

What are common items to store?


It shouldn’t be a surprise that big items like furniture often end up in storage. There are a lot of reasons people store furniture, though it’s commonly a space concern. If you’ve just moved into a smaller home or apartment you may have to downsize how much furniture you have in your home. If you’re downsizing, there are usually two options: storage or selling your excess furniture. Many people choose to store their furniture instead of in case they move into a bigger home again soon. Otherwise, they might store furniture so it can replace the furniture they're using when it wears out, or because they're waiting for someone willing to buy it at a good price. Some people even store certain furniture, especially cradles and children’s beds, in anticipation of that furniture being used by the next generation. Regardless of why furniture is being stored, it should always be stored upright in as close to its proper position as possible. No tilting dressers or bookshelves to try and make more room. Some people also use dust covers or tarps to help protect their furniture from damage, though that isn't always necessary.


Appliance also commonly end up in storage units. It’s also common to put appliances into storage temporarily for renovations, painting, and other big home improvement projects. That way you don’t have to worry about working around the appliance or accidentally damaging it in the process. Some people also hold on to old appliances just in case they need them again in the future, either after a lifestyle change, a big move, or because their new appliances stop working. Like furniture, it’s important to store appliances upright. If there is any cooling feature to the appliance, like freezers and refrigerators, the appliance cannot be safely stored tilted or on its side. Airtight appliances are also usually stored partially open to help prevent the interior from developing a foul smell.

Files and Important Documents

Another common item to store is your files and important documents. Lots of people need to keep years of tax records, for instance, that they don't need every day. Over time those kinds of files can build up and take up a lot of space. Rather than keeping all that paperwork at home, many people choose to store boxes of their files in a storage unit. It’s a good idea to keep files and other important documents in airtight and watertight containers. That way you don’t have to worry about water damage or other concerns, even if your storage unit is damaged in severe weather or has other problems. It’s also a good idea to clearly label all boxes of files and important documents. Labeling by subject and year is the most common way, but any method that tells you what’s in each box can work.


Books are another commonly stored item in storage units, though that surprises a lot of people. The truth is that most people don’t store books they’ve only read once, and usually don’t steal favorites that they read over and over again. Instead, the books that end up in storage are often childhood books, books that people don’t want to read again but that they have a sentimental attachment to. Some people may store books that remind them of a close friend or family members. Like files and important documents, books need to be stored in waterproof and ideally airproof containers. They should also be kept in climate-controlled environments to help prevent dry rot, discoloration, or fading.

Seasonal Items

If you’ve ever lived in cramped quarters, you know how important it is to save space. Storing seasonal items, like your seasonal clothing, and anything else you don’t need in the cold winter or hot summer can help keep clutter to a minimum. Seasonal items are usually stored in boxes, but they should be as durable and mobile as possible. That way you’ll be able to get the boxes in and out easier and without damaging the boxes themselves.

Old Toys

Old toys are frequently put into storage after a family’s kids don’t need them anymore. The more durable kind of toys can easily be stored for years and kept in perfectly good condition for the next generation, or even longer. Toys are usually kept in durable boxes, though larger toys might be stored on their own or on shelves.


Media is getting outdated faster than ever, but that doesn’t mean that it’s worthless or that you should get rid of old forms of media. A lot of storage units are filled with CDs, DVDs, records, VHS tapes, and even old magazines and comics. This stuff can have a lot of value, both sentimental and monetary, which makes it a good candidate for storage. Media should typically be stored either in its own specialized containers, like records, or in protective boxes like books.


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