Five Situations When Self-Storage Can Come in Handy


September 28th, 2020

Self storage addresses some very real needs, especially now, whether we’re talking about individual renters or businesses. The industry’s key demands are most often associated with major life events, including moving and relocation, downsizing, change in household size (divorce, marriage, new baby) and commercial storage. And it can come in assistance during critical moments.

Here are five reasons why getting a self storage unit at Lock Box Self Storage might be a great idea:

1. Providing that little bit of extra space that renters need

Renting a home often comes with a lack of storage space – even more so when sharing your space with a roommate. A storage unit can play the role of a large closet, where you can keep seasonal clothing, sport equipment, linens for guests and other items you don’t use on daily basis, but still need.

Self storage can also help renters save money, as it’s generally more affordable to get a unit than it is to move into a larger home. You can rent a room and a storage unit for less money than a larger apartment.

2. Getting homeowners through remodeling and decluttering

Some houses don’t have a basement or attic, or those rooms need to be used for purposes other than storing. Garages are rarely big enough to contain all the tools needed in an average household, on top of cars and sports equipment. Self storage extends a house’s storage capacity, allowing homeowners to enjoy both uncluttered interiors and the security of their possessions in a safe, accessible place.

Remodeling is another situation where homeowners can benefit from using self storage. Renting a storage unit when remodeling will help give the works room to work and keep the rest of your home from being cluttered.

3. Offering digital nomads, truck drivers, military a safe place for their valuables

Traveling the world and working from amazing places. However, one of the downsides of being a traveler is the lack of a permanent place where to keep prized possessions.

It doesn’t make much sense to pay for an entire apartment you don’t actually live in, just for somewhere to keep your belongings. Asking family and friends to store your stuff can be an imposition. Storing with Lock Box Self Storage in Mt. Juliet, TN will give you a home base to land when you are off the clock and ready to enjoy some down time.

4. Helping people downsize and move

Moving is chaotic, expensive and exhausting, so it’s no wonder people are always trying to make the process easier. When moving long distance, a great option is to ship things ahead of time to a storage unit in your city of destination, making the actual moving day much more manageable. Self storage can also help during local moves ––Your new place might need a deep clean or a fresh coat of paint, in which case it’s helpful to be able to keep some furniture, appliances and other belongings in a storage unit until your home is 100% ready.

5. Supporting businesses through reliable and affordable services

Most businesses, big or small, have plenty of things to store, from documents to furniture, tools or equipment. Self storage is an easy alternative to renting more office space or expensive warehouse storage. “

The current coronavirus social distancing guidelines have created even more storage needs, particularly for small businesses. Restaurants, coffee shops, and hair salons have had to re-structure their spaces to ensure customers are able to follow social distancing. As a result, many businesses have ended up with furniture and equipment they can’t use until we get through this tough time. For the near future, self storage is a good option for them––self storage facilities allow month-to-month renting, so businesses can end their contracts when needed, at no extra cost. Business Storage