Five Ways To Save Money Moving In Mt. Juliet


August 13th, 2020

Moving can be stressful.  Being prepared is the key to a stress-free move.  Local movers are great way to help whether your moving across town or just arriving in the area.  If your arriving in one of our Penske trucks from out of town we have moving companies that you call to have ready to unpack your moving truck when you arrive. 

Local moving companies can offer anything from a full-service pack and move to just moving all those heavy items.  May people choose to move the light items into their storage unit at Lock Box Self Storage and then hire a moving company to move all the large heavy items at the end into storage.

We have some ways for the frugal movers to save money.
  1. Work with your moving company when they are loading and unloading.  Staying with them guiding them and being available to answer any questions as they are working will keep the loading flow steady.
  2. Have all your items boxed, taped shut, and labeled.  You can even move them all as close to the loading area to eliminate traffic throughout your home.  Keeping all the same size boxes together will help your moving team load efficiently.
  3. If you can, take the time to take apart your beds and the mirrors off dressers.  This will take less time for your moving team to load the truck. 
  4. Having small random items around your home take up time.  Boxing and having things in a central area will help the loading of your truck.
  5. Having a place for your pets and children to be during the loading and unloading of your truck will help keep your move free of distractions.  Your moving team will appreciate not having to watch out for the family pets when they are carrying heavy furniture. 
For more great storage and moving ideas visit our news blog!  Call Lock Box Self Storage at 615.758.3433 with any questions.  We want all our customers to have a stress-free move.

Let us know if you have any moving tips, we can add to help save time and money.

Your Storage Family, 

Lock Box Self Storage