House Hold Items That You Should Keep In Storage In Stead Of Your Home


November 17th, 2021

Too often, we have items that end up in places such as cramped closets, stuffed garages, corners, and even our vehicles. These items start creeping into our living spaces and can give us anxiety. Lock Box Self Storage has a solution for you.

Storage units are the best place to consolidate and keep your living areas clutter-free. We have five things that we think you should keep in a storage unit rather than your home.

Outdoor Patio and Lawn Furniture

With the summer winding down, you may want to start thinking about where you will store your patio furniture. Instead of using your garage space, you may want to look at getting a self-storage unit for a few months. One of our drive-up easily accessible units would be perfect for this. You’ll be protecting your furniture, but you won’t have to steep over it your garage during the winter months.

Sporting Equipment

Living in the city between the lakes is an amazing way to enjoy water sports, hiking, or biking around the lakes. But many of these activities have large, bulky equipment. Where are you storing those kayaking or paddleboards? Keeping them in storage is a great way to free up room in your home and have them close to load up and head to the lake. Storing your bike and equipment can take up a lot of room, especially when you have multiple riders in the family. Storing these items in a storage unit will keep everything in one place and easy to enjoy when you are ready for a ride.

Seasonal Decorations

Who doesn’t have too many Christmas decorations, especially with the Christmas Store being in town?

Decorating our homes for each holiday brings so much joy. But what do you do with the Christmas decorations, Valentine’s Day decorations, Halloween decorations, Easter, etc.? We have a tenant that was storing all their outdoor Christmas lights in their garage and could not park their car. They now have a storage unit, and their car is back in the garage. Using a storage unit for your seasonal decorations will help you organize and know what you have for each season.


It is so easy to buy clothes that we know have spare rooms that have turned into closets. If you would like to get that space back. Using a climate-controlled storage unit will allow you to do this. Lock Box Self Storage sells wardrobe boxes that are amazing for storing your clothes hanging. This will allow you to swap out seasonal clothing and have them neat when you pull them out for the next season. Just think of what closets you could get back if you stored those winter coats, boots, hats, summer clothes, ball gowns, etc. Using climate-controlled will keep your items maintained at a constant temperature year-round.

Business Files

Most all households have one person working from home now. This takes up space that we haven’t been using in the past. Are your filing cabinets full of important documents like tax records, invoices, accounts payable, receipts, etc.? These items are an important part of your business. Chances are you don't need to referee them often. Having a business storage unit can help keep these papers all in one spot. This will free up room in your home. With our 24-hour access, you will be able to find what you need when you need it. But it will be all out of your way.

These are only a few items that would give your more room in your home if you used a self-storage unit at Lock Box Self Storage. What else can you think of that would give you, your home back if you stored it? Check out our rental page or call us for what options would be best for storing these items.