How A Self Storage Unit Can Help With Moving


July 22nd, 2021

We all know that when it comes to moving day the essentials for making it a successful day; Penske moving truck, moving company, everything boxed and ready. You could be overlooking one of the most useful services for your moving day. A Self-Storage Unit! Having a storage unit can significantly improve your moving day. Planning on moving soon consider renting a unit at Lock Box Self Storage.

Clearing Out

Using a storage unit to help clear out your home and pre pack those items you know you won’t need right away can help make packing the whole home easier. You can pack those valuable things you want to transport your self and store those in a unit until your move is done to keep them safe.


Not sure if you’ll have enough room in the home you’re moving to. Store those items that you’re not sure you’ll want in your new space. Having a storage unit will help you only put those items you really want in your new home. It will also give you space to sort through and make sure you don’t need them.

This will give you that time to sell those excess items you don’t need anymore.

If you’re downsizing for a short time, then storing those items you still want to keep will work great. Just pack the storage unit with those items you’ll want at the next location.

Temporary Living

If you’re looking at days between moving out of the current home and moving into the new home. Using a storage unit will help make this transition work. Pack everything into our storage units and then have fun at the short-term living space. In any case, temporary storage will make this transition less stressful.

New Home Layout

Unpacking in a new home takes time. This can be difficult with all the boxes around and trying to decide how to arrange your new space. Use one of our storage units to help. This will help keep the clutter of boxes down, and allow you to see what arrangement each room will be. It may also give you insight into which of your items you no longer want to keep.

Start Furnishing Your New Home

Using a self-storage unit to store newly purchased items for you new home. Many people start purchasing new décor and furnishings before they are in their new home. Renting a unit at Lock Box Self Storage will give you a great place to store these items before you move into your new home.

Temporary storage during your move is a great option for so many reasons. Call us and so we can help make your transition easier.