How a Storage Unit Can Help When Moving in Tennessee

Lock Box Self Storage
May 10th, 2024

How a Storage Unit Can Help When Moving in Tennessee

Are you moving in or around Nashville, Tennessee? Moving is one of the most stressful events we have to go through in life. So why not make the job less stressful by storing your belongings securely and safely in a self-storage unit?

Having a storage unit can help make the moving experience easier and less stressful for you. It gives you time to plan out your new space, rather than quickly unloading all of your belongings at once.
If you’re in between homes, a storage unit is an especially good option for you. Storing your whole life in a moving van isn’t a particularly good or secure option. Your belongings are highly vulnerable and can get damaged and broken while driving around on bumpy roads.

At Lock Box Self Storage, we know exactly what our customers need. We provide high-quality, affordable storage in Mount Juliet. Our short-term month-to-month rentals are perfect for people who need a temporary storage solution while moving.

Let’s learn how our self-storage units can help you when you’re moving in Tennessee.

Ample Space for Your Belongings

When moving into a new place, you need time to think about where you want to place your furniture and other items. A typical solution is to cram everything into a garage, shed or unused room of the house. But these solutions aren’t practical for several reasons:

● It’s likely the space isn’t big enough, especially if you have big items of furniture. When trying to fit everything in, your belongings can get damaged.
● Once you have everything in place, how are you going to access it all? Removing and then replacing everything to access something at the back is time-consuming and annoying.
● You may not have security set up at your new place. This makes your belongings vulnerable to theft.
● You might need your garage or shed for other purposes, or you may not want to have all those boxes cluttering up your home.

Here’s where self-storage can step in and save the day. With units of all sizes, you can rent a space that allows you to adequately store your items. Easily access and remove what you need, when you need it.

At Lock Box Self Storage, we have storage units ranging from 5'x5' up to 20'x10'. Have a spare car or boat to store? We also have vehicle storage spots ranging from 12'x20' to 12'x40' in size.

Need even more space? You’re welcome to rent multiple units with us.

Convenient Location

Being able to easily access your belongings from your unit is important. But it’s going to quickly become bothersome if you have to drive for hours to reach your storage unit. It’s crucial to pick self-storage that is conveniently located and within easy reach. If you can drive there in less than 30 minutes, you’re onto a winner!

Lock Box Self Storage is perfectly located for anyone living northeast of Nashville. You’ll find our facilities in Mt. Juliet TN at 12337 Lebanon Rd. We’re also helpfully placed close to other amenities and stores within Mt. Juliet. It’ll take you a mere 8-10 minutes to reach us from Hermitage and Green Hill. Just head northeast on Lebanon Pike and continue onto Lebanon Rd. You’ll find us on the left.
If you’re situated in the east, we’re only 22 minutes out from Lebanon. Follow Route 70 West to find us.

Drive Up Accessibility

Carrying furniture and other heavy items can be back-breaking. Some self-storage facilities require you to access your unit via stairs or elevator. But why carry heavy items up stairs, risking serious injury, when you can pick a storage unit that features convenient drive-up capabilities?

At Lock Box Self Storage, you can drive straight into our facility and right up to the door of your storage unit, where you can move all your stuff in with little to no effort. Then, when you’re ready to move everything out again, you can get it all in your vehicle in the same hassle-free manner.

Safe and Secure Facilities

The last thing you want to do is place your valuable possessions at risk. Unfortunately, during the moving process, it’s easy to become distracted by everything you have to do and leave your belongings in a vulnerable position.

A storage unit can help by providing all the security you need to give you peace of mind and a worry-free move.

Lock Box Self Storage offers you numerous security features, including:
● 24/7 4k security camera surveillance
● Gated entry with keypad access
● Bright, LED outdoor lighting
● Units with 26-gauge grade E hard steel doors and locks
● Onsite management and assistance

Climate Controlled

Nashville is known for its hot and humid summers, with temperatures soaring as high as 108°F. We feel for anyone having to move in this heat. Don’t let the heat and humidity deteriorate your delicate items during the move. Items at the greatest risk include:
● Wine
● Artwork and antiques
● Pictures and photo albums
● Fabric
● Medical supplies and equipment
● Electronics

All of these can be seriously impacted by hot weather.

Choosing a self-storage unit with climate control will keep your important items at the right temperature and prevent them from getting damaged. A climate controlled unit will keep everything cool in the summer. If you happen to be moving in the colder months, the unit will be heated to keep everything at a consistent temperature.

Lock Box offers units of all sizes with climate control capabilities, so you can keep your stuff at the perfect temperature at all times.

Choose Lock Box Self Storage in Nashville, TN

When you book a storage unit with us, you get high-quality storage for an amazing price. Our units are affordable, and rent is paid on a rolling monthly basis. That means you’re not locked into expensive lengthy contracts and you can hire our units for exactly as long as you need.

We also provide a convenient online payment method so you don’t have to take time out of the moving process to secure your unit. Get in touch via phone or email. We also welcome you to pop into our facility for a tour and to discuss our various storage options.