How Having Self Storage Units Can Help With The New Year’s Resolutions


January 1st, 2022

2022 has just arrived, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Sometimes keeping a New Year’s resolution is easier said than done. At Lock Box Self Storage, we would like to help you keep some of those resolutions. Having a self-storage unit can help with different resolutions.

Resolution: Moving

Are you kicking off the new year by moving to a new home? Investing in a storage unit can pay dividends. If you have items, you’re not sure that you will want in the new home. Place them in storage until you know if you will want to take those appliances, trinkets, and furniture into your new home.

Once you have settled into your new home and have time, you can see what stored items you want to move into the new home. You can decide to keep storing the items you don’t need right now or donate them.

Using a storage unit at Lock Box Self Storage is great for putting all those extra items you don’t want in your home when you are staging it to be sold before you move into the new home or on a new renovation project.

You may need temporary storage for appliances during a kitchen remodel. Storing furniture as you put down new flooring can help make these jobs so much easier. Once the remodel is done, just come and move your items back home.

Resolution: Organizing Your Home

If your resolution is to organize your life, organizing your home is a great place to start. Adding a storage unit to your life is a great way to extend your home space and keep you organized. Starting with your closets is a great place. Our store has large size wardrobe boxes, and four different size packing boxes. Using your storage unit to store seasonal clothing is a great way to start organizing your closets and giving you more room in the home.

We have bubble wrap, stretch wrap, and packing tape to complete your supply checklist.

As you organize, create three piles. One pile will be for items you want to keep around the home, these items that you use all the time.

The second pile will be for the items going to the storage unit. Having the boxes and supplies on hand will come in handy, as you can pack as you go. Packing these items in your storage unit gives each room a more relaxed feeling.

Think about the garage, bringing items from there will help give more room to walk around and maybe also your second car.

Then the third pile should be for those items that you wish to sell or give away. Selling those unwanted items at a garage sale or online can help pay for the storage unit. Any items you don’t want to sell and can be donated can be a blessing to someone else.

When you have gone through the items and know what you want to store, choosing the right size storage unit will be simple. Call us and we can let you know the different price points from climate control to drive up storage units.

Resolution: Travelling the World

If you plan to travel this year and will not need your home. Placing everything in storage is a great way to know everything is safe while you’re gone. Let us help you relax during your World Travels.

Our storage units are spacious, camera monitored, the facility is gated and our manager lives on the property.

Resolution: Renovation Projects

If you are working on a home renovation project, then storage will help you meet this resolution for the new year. Rent out a self-storage unit that can be used to safely keep your belongings unit your remodel project is finished.

Call Lock Box Self Storage and learn more about how our storage units can help you reach your New Year’s resolutions.

Moving Professionals

If you need help moving everything into storage, we can help. Lock Box Self Storage is Mt. Juliet’s Penske rental agent, you can rent a moving truck or van to load everything and bring it to storage. We also have names of moving companies that we partner with they will bring their own truck, load, and bring everything to storage. Call us at 615.758.3433, you’ll always reach one of our managers on the property, not a call center.