How To Prepare For Your Move Abroad and Storing A vehicle


December 3rd, 2021

Moving is to the next town over or the next state but moving abroad is a whole other level. If your move is for work, school, military deployment or just looking to shake things up, the preparations to make the upcoming long-distance move can seem like a lot to do. At Lock Box Self Storage, we’re here to provide all your storage solutions and help make the moving process easier.

Storing Your Vehicle

Depending on how long you intend to be gone, consider long-term or short-term storage at Lock Box Self Storage. Using a storage unit for your vehicle during a temporary relocation can be a perfect solution. Parking your car in our outdoor parking lot or in a self-storage unit is a great way to know it’s safe.

When you return to Tennessee, you’ll have a vehicle available and ready for you. Consider covering the vehicle to provide protection from the elements, making sure it’s clean inside and out, when you return home, you’ll be ready to go. Check with your mechanic to see what else you might need to do when storing long term.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Outdoor Storage or indoor storage for your vehicle?

Lock Box Self Storage has drive-up storage that will provide you with a garage-like space for your car. We have a variety of sizes available to store anything from a compact car, SUV, to a large pickup truck. The best sizes for storing a vehicle include:

10X15 can fit some compact cars, 10X20 for a sedan, SUV, van, or pickup truck and a 10x25 will be perfect for those large pickup trucks and vans.

This option will provide the best protection, a drive-up access unit is great for long-term storage of a classic or sports car. The vehicle will be protected from harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor Vehicle Storage

Outdoor storage can be a great option. Lock Box Self Storage offers outdoor parking spaces that easily accommodate all vehicle sizes. Using a quality vehicle cover will help protect from the outside elements.

What is the Best Storage Option For You

If you need short-term storage or plan to store a vehicle for six months, a year, or longer, the reason for using self-storage will help in choosing what type of storage. Our management staff will help show you all the options to help with your decision.

Prepare Your Car For Storage

Change the oil for long-term storage, will help keep your car in great condition. Old oil could damage the engine over a period of time.

Clean your car before putting it into long-term vehicle storage. This simple step will help keep the paint from getting damaged.

Disconnecting the battery is especially important when storing it over the winter. If a battery sits in the cold, and the car isn’t used for an extended period of time, it can lose the charge.

If you have someone that can come and move the vehicle periodically this can help avoid flat spots on the tires. There are also products like tire saver ramps that will help to keep the tires round.

Renting A Self Storage Unit To Simplify Your Move

If you’re moving abroad for an exciting new career, a military family spending some time abroad, or moving to another country is a unique experience. Let us help take the worry out of storing your belongings when you are abroad.

Lock Box Self Storage offers convenient, affordable self-storage that can accommodate your needs. Call us and get started on getting ready for the journey of a lifetime.