Lock Box Self Storage Tips for Packing Dishes


June 2nd, 2020

Most items in your kitchen are built to last. Your appliances, kitchen gadgets and even your dinnerware included. And although your dinnerware is still in good condition, if it is a little outdated or no longer the style you are going for, it might be time to mix it up and get a new set. But before you can add the new set of dinnerware into your kitchen, you have to box up the old cups, bowls and dishes. Keep reading this post for the top tips for packing dishes, cups and bowls.

How to Pack Dishes, Plates and Bowls

Preparing to Store Your Dishes

Before storing your dishes, glasses and bowls, there are a few preparatory steps that will help to protect your kitchen items from damage.

Stock Up on Packing Paper: Lock Box Self Storage store offers packing paper can be used to protect your glasses, cups and bowls during the move.

Reinforce the Box Seams: Even if the boxes are brand new, it is still important to reinforce the bottom of the boxes. Add an extra layer of tape to the bottom of the box to keep items from breaking through the bottom.

Pad the Bottom of the Box: Wad packing paper up and place it on the bottom of the box to create a cushiony layer. This will help to protect your fragile glass items from breaking while being transported.

How to Pack Plates and Bowls

Protect your plates during transportation and storage by following these tips for packing dishes and bowls!

Wrap all Plates and Bowls: Place the plate or bowl on top of packing paper or bubble wrap and fold it around the item until it is fully encompassed by the paper. Secure the back of the paper to the dish using a piece of tape. Each plate and bowl should get wrapped in its own piece of paper.

Stack the Plates and Bowls on their Sides: Place the wrapped-up bundles inside the boxes on their sides. This position will help to provide more stability in case the box gets bumped.

Pack Plates on the Bottom of the Box: When packing the box, keep the plates on the bottom of the box and put lighter items on top. This rule also goes for heavy bowls.

Tips for Packing Glasses

Roll the Glasses in Packing Paper: Protect the glasses during transportation and storage by rolling them in packing paper.

Place the Glasses Inside the Box: Place the glasses vertically inside of the box. Wad up packing paper and place it on top of the boxes to pad the top of the box.

Lock Box Self Storage Has Household Storage Solutions

Items are always going in and out of style. So, while your old bowls, glasses and plates may not be the look you’re going for right now, in a few years you might be ready to bring them out again. Keeping your kitchen items in a secure storage spot will help keep them in the best condition for future uses. If you are looking to get your old dishes out of the house but aren’t quite ready to fully get rid of them, consider a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental will allow you to keep your items close but still out of your house. Lock Box Self Storage has 5x5, 5×10, 10×10 and larger storage units! Reserve your storage unit today!