July 14th, 2020

Our goal is to help make your moving and storage experience smooth. With proper planning, you can do just that. Check out our check list below and add to the list to customize your move. Using a checklist can remove a lot of undue stress for you and your family.

Getting Started

  • Start thinking about the details of your move.
  • Create a file where you can keep all your documents, receipts and important information.
  • What type of self-storage unit will you need at Lock Box Self Storage? Call us so we can help you find the right size for your storage needs. Will you need climate control or drive up storage units? We are waiting to help guide you with what size you’ll need. You may want to start bringing the small items into storage before your move day to help lighten the load.
  • Contact your insurance agent to discuss transferring all your insurances.
  • Contact any business with memberships or monthly contracts to see about transferring or ending them.
  • Pull aside any items that are difficult or impossible to replace such as wills, jewelry, stock certificates, paintings, pictures, etc. and keep them with you instead of packing them.

Organize your belongings

  • Decide if you want to keep everything for donate and toss items.
  • Decide if you will move your items yourself or use a moving company. Contact movers and give them a description of how many rooms you anticipate moving. Or call us to get pricing on Penske truck rentals. Don’t wait until the last minute as the moving company’s book quickly and the rental truck pricing can change.
  • If you are moving yourself line up some friends and family to help.


  • Decide if you will do your own packing for hire a company to pack most of your items.
  • Decide what items you will need to pack your belongings in. You will need boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, newspaper, tape and markers. Check out our list of packing materials and make a list for purchase in our store.
  • Start packing items that aren’t used regularly. Garage items, guest rooms, and guest bath rooms a great place to start. Save your things you use daily till last.

Making Arrayments

  • Confirm with your movers, Penske truck rental.
  • If you have younger children or animals make arrangements for help taking care of them on your move day.
  • Finalize how you will move your jewelry, valuables, etc.
  • Contact utility companies for cut off days.

Few weeks before.

  • Invite friends over and have a “Packing Party”!
  • Check all those hidden areas in your home and pack those (backs of closets, basements, or attics).
  • Use up any perishable food items in your freezer and refrigerator.
  • Clear out your safety deposit box if your changing banks.
  • Drain the oil and gas from lawn mowers and power tools before they will be transported and stored. See the owner’s manual for details.
  • Transfer all your prescriptions to your new community drugstore.

Last Week

  • Go back through your checklist and finish anything that was skipped or missed.
  • Pack up the remaining items.
  • Pack suitcases for the moving days and finalize all travel arrangements. Put together a traveling kit for the Children to keep them entertained, with games, snacks and drinks.
  • Empty, defrost and clean out your freezer and refrigerator. Clean out your stove and give them time to air out. Baking soda is great to remove odors.

Moving Day

  • Strip your beds and put in a box. Double check you’ve not hidden anything under the mattresses.
  • Be on had when the movers arrive. It’s important to give them a walk through and be available to give direction throughout the day.
  • Keep your vacuum, cleaning products, and rags out to do your final cleaning.
  • Have directions ready for the movers to the new address or Lock Box Self Storage for the storage unit. Have your contact phone numbers around. Make sure to arrive before the moves at your storage unit and let them in and show them where the storage unit is at.
  • You’ll want to stay close by to make sure all your items are loaded and unloaded. Do a final inspection after everything is loaded in to your storage unit.