Moving Day: How to Reduce Stress


January 20th, 2022

Moving day can be full of emotions and stress. Even though moving can be a great thing. It still can be a stressful time. It is normal to feel a little anxious and sentimental during your move.

Certain emotions can be difficult to avoid, but there are ways you can help to manage your moving stress.

Fortunately, Lock Box Self Storage in Middle Tennessee can provide moving storage to help you with your big move.

We have some great tips, different sizes, and types of self-storage units that will help keep your move organized and peaceful.

Relocation Self-Storage

As you create a plan to help ensure a smooth move. Make a to-do list, prioritize tasks and make a day by daytime line. Having a timeline for what needs to be done each day will help reduce moving stress and keep the move on track. Always allow extra time for small changes that might need to be made or things that can disrupt the move.

If you’re moving to a different area, getting a storage unit can help as you decide on whether you want to put everything into the new home. If you are making a trip to the new city before your move day. Think about getting a small storage unit and taking those items you don’t want the moving company to move. Having them moved and stored before the moving day can help make sure they stay safe.

Don’t Forget to Breath

On moving days, it’s important to realize that a little “me’ time can help you stay focused and energized.

Make sure to take time to have mealtime, take a break, and keep hydrated. You may even want to take a short stroll down your block to clear your head.

Recharging your battery during your move will keep you ready for the next task.

Money vs Time

Spending that extra money to hire professionals for the move can help save energy and ease your mind.

Getting a storage unit before the move, you can place items you know you won’t need or might not want in the new home.

Not having to decide where to put everything on move day can help with stress. Once you’re in the new home, you can take a load at a time and decide if these items are something you want in the new home.


Have a professional moving company to help move those heavy items, transport your belongings to your new home, and then unload. This is a great way to help have less stress on moving day.


There are moving companies that offer packing services. This service can be invaluable and help save time and energy when you have other tasks to accomplish for your move. You can purchase all your moving supplies at Lock Box Self Storage and have them ready for when the packers arrive.

Storage Unit

Don’t forget having some extra space to store your belongings during the move will help reduce stress. Some moves do not allow you to be in the new home at the same time as moving out of your old home. Having self-storage space to put your belongings until your new home is ready is a great way to know they are safe. As a bonus, you can continue to use your unit post-move to help keep your new home tidy.

Eliminate Moving Stress with Lock Box Self Storage

Let us help you plan out those logistics on your to-do list. We can help with storage units to moving trucks and we partner with some amazing local moving companies. Don’t forget that having a place for your pets to be on moving day will help with their stress. When you call our management team you will reach them at our Mt. Juliet location.

Their knowledge of the community and local businesses can also help with any questions you might have when moving into our amazing City Between the Lakes. We are looking forward to working with you as you move to Mt. Juliet, TN.