Self-Storage Challenges to Avoid


February 23rd, 2021

Self-storage units are great for during a move, cleaning your home, getting ready to sell a home, or using to help run your business. Avoid the following items to make sure you get the best out of your storage use.

Plan Out Your Storage Unit

When packing your storage unit make sure to put the bulkier items you won’t need in the back. Using good strong packing boxes that are uniform will help the stability, when stacking them. Plan what you will want to get to and make sure those items are stored in the front of the unit. Having a path in a large storage unit will help you access your items that are not in the front. Make sure those personal papers you might need are stored where you can get to them.

The Right Self-Storage Unit Size

When estimating the right size unit, choosing smaller is never a good idea when in the end you’ll have to cram all your belongings into a tight space. You may save money, but the risk of damage to your items is never a good idea. If your unsure of what unit size will work best, let us help. Call our storage manager or visit our website to learn more about finding the right unit size. We have years of experience and want to make sure your items will fit with out having to much space.

Insurance or Protection Plans

When storing your items, the facility is renting you the space and is not liable for any damages. We want to make sure your personal possessions are insured properly. Lock Box Self Storage offers insurance coverage for all storage and parking at our facility for an additional fee. Most homeowners’ and renters’ insurance could also cover self-storage. Our protection plans will not affect your premium if you have a claim. Calling your insurance agent can help make sure you have the right coverage.

Using Thin Packing Materials

Choosing quality packing supplies, like sturdy boxes, thick bubble wrap and blank newspaper will help protect your belongings. Thin boxes will start to collapse when they are stacked. Regular newspaper could bleed onto the items you’re wrapping them with. Check out our store for all your quality supplies at affordable pricing. Using blankets, towels and plastic covers will help protect furniture from scratching and dust when in storage.

Packing Damp Items

Moving in the rain or packing items that are damp can lead to moisture that could create mold. Make sure if you are moving in the rain that you dry everything off when it enters the storage unit. Don’t pack items in boxes that are damp. Our climate-controlled storage units are a great way to keep your items at a consistent temperature.

Keeping a Record of Items Stored

It’s easy to forget what went into the storage unit. Keeping a record of what you stored will help when you’re looking for items later. Mark your boxes with a number and then keep a list of what is in each box. This list will also help if there is a natural disaster and you need to know for insurance.

Research the Storge Facility

When planning to place your valued belongings in a storage facility, make sure you check out the facility and reviews. Lock Box Self Storage has a gated facility and is video monitored 24/7. Our facility is well maintained. You will always reach someone at the facility, not a call center. Our manager lives on property and is available for after hour emergencies.

When using self-storage keep these tips in mind. Contact our storage team at Lock Box Self Storage for your storage needs.