Tips for Making More Room At Home with Storing Season Clothing


October 31st, 2020

The Weather is changing, which means it’s time to pull out the fall clothing and pack away your summer items. With everyone spending more time at home, we are finding the importance of finding the most effective ways to use our spaces at home. Lock Box Self Storage can help you have more room in your home. Renting a storage unit to store seasonal clothing and toys can help you make more room at home.

Seasonal Clothing Storage Tips

Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothing

Properly storing your seasonal clothing, will give them the best chance at a long life both in your closet and on your shoulders. Climate control units are perfect for clothing storage.

Wash – All clothing heading to storge needs to be properly washed and folded before being packed away. Clean clothes are less likely to discolor or attract moths. Ensure all clothing is completely dry before storage as moisture and lack of airflow leads to mold and mildew.

PackingWardrobe boxes will are specifically designed to store your clothing on hangers. This is ideal for dresses, jackets, and other clothing that cannot be easily folded, or clothes you wish to keep from developing creases. Loosely storing clothing in boxes allows air to circulate.

Store – Seasonal clothing should be stored in a clean, cool, dark and dry place. Darkness helps prevent fading and will keep the clothing and area cool. A dry storage unit will prevent mildew. Avoid storing near heating sources and other areas that may be exposed to heat.

Where to Store Seasonal Clothes

We talked about the importance of storing your seasonal clothing in a cool, dark, dry and clean place, but where exactly can you find those spaces? We recommend climate-controlled storage units from Lock Box Self Storage as the optimal environment for your seasonal clothing. Organizing your spaces helps increase the amount of usable real estate within the home for storage.

Use a Storage Unit as an Extended Closet

Rotating out your seasonal clothing helps maintain organization and space in your closet. If you have an extensive wardrobe or multiple people living in your household, a storage unit may be the answer to finding more usable space in your home. Storage units at Lock Box Self Storage start at 5’ x 5’ and increase in size from there. Use as much or as little area you need in a storage unit while creating more space in your home.

Renting a storage unit to use as an extended closet helps you make room at home, which is more important than ever with people staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rent a storage unit and reclaim space in your closet today!