Transporting Heavy Boxes and Items


April 22nd, 2021

We’ve all had to move heavy items at one time or another, and we all probably felt a little stressed about how we were going to move those boxes and tubs up and down the stairs or from the house to the car or moving truck. At Lock Box Self Storage in Mt. Juliet, we know how important it is to be safe while moving heavy objects, and if you have larger items such as appliances or furniture that need to be put into self-storage, we can help you find the ideal unit. We can also provide you with a Penske move-in truck that makes transporting those heavy boxes and items easier than ever!

The Proper Tools and Equipment

When you have to lift and move heavy boxes or tubs full of your personal belongings, it’s important to have the proper tools and equipment for the job. First off, you should make sure that the container, be it a cardboard box or plastic tote, is suitable for the weight of the items inside. The last thing you want is for things to fall out of the bottom of the box or the tub to break when you lift it.

As for tools and equipment, it can be beneficial to invest in some lifting straps and a moving dolly. Lifting straps can help you lift a box or tub properly, without worrying about straining your back or legs. They can also come in handy when you and another person are team lifting a heavy object. As for the moving dolly, it can eliminate the need to lift heavy boxes at all, since you can stack them on the dolly and simply wheel them into the moving truck. Be careful, however, that you don’t overload the dolly so much that you can’t move it or that things fall off of it once you do start moving.

The Proper Vehicle

If you’ve ever loaded a heavy item, such as a piece of furniture, into a small car, you’ve likely witnessed the back end of the vehicle almost touch the ground. Heavy objects can put a serious strain on a vehicle’s suspension, which is why it’s important to have the proper vehicle for transporting large, bulky items. We’ve already mentioned our local Penske moving trucks, so if you don’t have a pickup or van of your own, be sure to ask about using our truck.

You can also ask a friend or family member if they have a vehicle you can borrow. Instead of making multiple trips with your car, you can load everything once and bring it to your storage unit. By borrowing a truck or van with a higher weight load capacity, you won’t have to worry about heavy items causing problems during transport.

Don’t Forget Too Smile

Perhaps the most important thing you can have when moving heavy boxes and tubs is a smile. If you try to get things moved as quickly as possible, you could end up cutting corners and injuring yourself or damaging your belongings. If you approach the job with a smile, it will not seem so much like a job. By taking your time, planning your approach, and having a smile, you should be able to transport your heavy objects safely and securely. Even if you’re just moving things from the basement to the garage, or vice versa, having a smile can make a big difference!

Rent Storage Today

If you have heavy items in your home that are taking up valuable space, let Lock Box Self Storage in Mt. Juliet, TN help you find the right self-storage unit. You can move your larger items once and then not have to worry about them for months! We offer affordable rates on all of our storage spaces, and we can help you choose the best one for your belongings.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Lock Box Self Storage!