Unconventional Uses for Self-Storage


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September 28th, 2023

alternative ways to use storage unit
When most people talk about self-storage units, they typically think of a place that holds the possessions they own but don’t currently need. That is why some people use storage units to keep their old clothing, furniture, or family items year-round.

Yes, self-storage facilities are often used to keep personal things that individuals don't have room for in their homes or workplaces. But there are so many other ways you can use these special types of spaces. There are plenty of storage units available to you, no matter where you live, which means the price of renting one has become more manageable. This means that you can use storage units in several unorthodox but very smart ways.

Art Studio

Many artists need their own private space to creatively explore whatever they are working on. Most artists will try to find a place in their homes, usually in an unused bedroom or office. But that might not always be possible. Thankfully, storage units can come in handy for budding artists who are short on space.

Renting a self-storage unit as an art studio or workshop might be an inexpensive method to have a dedicated creative area but it is a great choice and really delivers all you need as an artist. You do not have to worry about making a mess at home while working on DIY, crafts, or art projects. You can get away from the noise and distractions of home too. You can have a dedicated space that is only about creating.

Wine Cellar

Serious wine collectors sometimes run out of space to keep the products they love so much.

A self-storage unit will come in handy for those who love wine. A climate-controlled storage container could be a great alternative if you enjoy wine but lack the room in your house for a wine cellar. It offers the perfect environment for wine maturing and storage. And because so many self-storage businesses now offer climate-controlled spaces, you can be sure that the wine isn’t going to be ruined by humidity or cold.

Seasonal Decor

When Christmas is over, it’s time to put away the reusable tree, lights, and other decorations. And this happens again and again throughout the year whenever a holiday comes to pass. Although you will use these decorations again next year, you won’t need them for some time. So, what do you do with them until then? A storage unit provides the space you need for those items.

Holiday decorations, apparel for the season, and outdoor furniture should all be kept in storage. This frees up room in your house and preserves your seasonal stuff.

E-commerce Inventory

Are you running a small online business? If so, you know that your home can quickly fill up with shipping boxes, products, and other items related to your business. Not only can this lead to having a mess at home, but it can also impact your business if you’re not able to keep track of things due to clutter.

That is why equipment, packaging items, and excess inventory are stored in self-storage units by many online retailers. It's a practical approach to handle their inventory without having to pay for a separate facility.

Collectibles or Memorabilia

If you’re a collector, you have likely spent tons of time - and money - on finding the items you love so much. But just because you have acquired them doesn’t mean you want them to fill up your living space at home.

So, whether it's comic books, action figures, or sports items, collectors will often find storage units in their city to hold what they have found in auctions, conventions, and other locations.


When you love books, you can never get enough of them. And you will accumulate quite a few of them - sometimes too many of them. When that happens, your bookcases at home start to overflow and it can create quite a mess. But you don’t want to get rid of the books you have bought.

So, if you have a sizable book collection, think about renting a self-storage unit to house it. Your literary treasures may be preserved with the aid of proper shelving and climate control.

Photography Studio

For small-scale photo sessions, photographers might use storage containers as a photography studio. And since this is technically your space, you can use your imagination to make the unit a distinctive setting for your work. Bring in decorations and lighting of your choice to fit whatever it is you are photographing.

Self Storage in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Always make sure to check with the self-storage facility to double-check that your plans are permitted and that they have the appropriate facilities. These features include electrical outlets or climate control.

Additionally, consider any local laws and rules that could be applicable to the usage of storage units for unusual uses.

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