Using Automatic Payments for your Lock Box Self Storage Unit


October 22nd, 2021

We have become a society of convenience and automation. With the advancements in technology, we have been given ways to save time and easily schedule our lives. We have seen many benefits from these advancements that make our lives easier.

One way we have seen is automatic payments for our bills.

Commonly called autopay, Lock Box Self Storage has been offering this for years. We have many tenants that have been taking advantage of this convenience for their storage unit. Below are a few benefits of autopay that make self-storage renting a little easier.

Benefits of Autopay

Overall Payment Experience Tends to Cost Less.

When you choose to pay via paper check, you chance the USPS getting the payment to the facility in time.

With the time challenges, the USPS has been having this could cost you a late fee if the mail is running late. Choosing to set up your payment through autopay, you’ll make sure that the payment is posted on time every month. You’ll never have to worry about a late fee.

Making Sure Your Payments Are Always on Time.

With our busy lives, we sometimes don’t have time to run those errands to drop of payments at the storage facility. You can find yourself missing the payment due date. This can result in late fees and not being able to access your storage unit.

Setting your payment up to process automatically, will make sure your storage rent is always paid on time.

You Can Reduce the Risk of Paper Identity Theft.

Having a paper trail with the paper payment in your mailbox that contains your name, account number and all your other private information set you up at a higher risk for identity theft. With online payments, you add extra layers of protection to your personal information.

Electronic payments tend to be more secure.

Peace Of Mind

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll never miss a payment again, or have a late fee. If something does not process correctly or the expiration date changes on your card, we will call you to update the information. With the autopay payment coming out of your bank account or credit card at the same time of the month you’ll receive a receipt through email and you won’t have to lift a finger.

We want to make your self-storage experience as easy as possible; Lock Box Self Storage offers easy autopay options for your storage rental. You can log into your account and set up the automatic payments in a few quick steps. If you would like you can come into the office and fill out an autopay form and we will set up your payments.

Call us or go online to set up autopayments or to rent a self-storage unit or parking space. Thank you for using Lock Box Self Storage for your storage needs.