We Are More Than Storage


March 25th, 2021

We Are More Than Storage

Lock Box Self Storage is not just storage. Yes, we are your local go to storage, but we are more than that. Many customers are surprised when they find out we have a variety of items to help them store their belongings and moving trucks to help them move.

Our storage store has everything you could need to pack and store. We not only sell locks for your storage unit. You can pick up all your tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper and plastic covers. The best part is our prices and great.

These items are all in our store and come in or place your order by phone and we will bring them to your car. We can even have them ready in your storage unit or rental truck prepared for moving day.

We Are Packing Supplies

Our box supply will cover you for all you’re packing needs. With a variety of sizes we have the right one for you. Our most popular is the medium size for clothing and linens. The small boxes are perfect for heavy items like, books, dishes, glassware and breakables. Pick up a wardrobe box for your hanging items in your closet because our box has a bar to hang up your clothes. Why take them off the hanger when you can just grab them from the box to put back in your new walk-in closet!

Bubble wrap is perfect for wrapping mirrors, framed art, dishes, and lots of other things as well. Use tape or wrap in stretch-wrap to add an extra layer of protection. Stretch-wrap will help hold your dresser drawers in place.

Sofa, Mattress, and plastic covers are perfect for protecting your large items as they are moved and stored. When storing mattress and furniture make sue to vacuum and clean so they will smell fresh when you pull them out of the bag.

You will need a lot of tape and we’ve got you covered. Purchase tape in three-pack rolls, or one at a time. It’s durable and thick and will seal the boxes up so nothing will fall through the flaps.

Pick up your lock for your storage unit or to lock the pack of your rental truck. Our disc locks are a great way to secure your unit. The best part, locking your keys in your unit is more difficult because with this lock; you must physically lock the lock before removing the key. Disc locks are the most secure lock on the market, too, because it hugs the latch, making it difficult for someone to pry it off.

Our storage experts can make suggestions on the best packing items and unit size based on what your will be storing.

We Are Moving Trucks

Don’t forget to reserve your Penske moving truck for your local or one way move. You’ll be happy with quality care that is taken with the Penske brand moving trucks. Please call or stop by and let us help with all your logistics. You can always rent online.