What Does Climate Control Mean in a Storage Unit?

Climate Controlled Units

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May 24th, 2023

climate controlled storage units
There are many different storage unit options, from ground floor to climate controlled. If you’re hunting for a storage unit option, it might be tricky to pick from all the available selections. What about climate control? What does it mean in a storage unit, and why does it matter for keeping your things as safe as possible?

If you’re interested in learning more about what climate control means for a storage unit, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about why climate control is an excellent choice for a storage unit, whether you want peace of mind or levels of protection for the items inside the room.

Peace of Mind

The first thing climate control means in a storage locker is peace of mind. In a unit that isn’t climate controlled, your items are more exposed to the elements. They are at a much higher risk of being burned away in the heat or growing mold when there is any humidity in the air.

Most people store items in a storage locker and plan on leaving them for a long time. With climate control, you can leave items for longer periods without worrying about their stability. Climate control allows you to relax and feel confident in the safety of your things without checking on them around the clock.

Peace of mind makes a difference whether you keep things there before a move or don’t have enough space in your location. Go with a climate-controlled unit to keep everything in one piece.

Defense From Extreme Temperatures

Another perk of climate control is protection from extreme temperatures. If it’s one hundred degrees outside, your belongings will remain safe in their controlled environment. Protection from extreme temperatures makes sense if you live in a location that is hot, freezing, or filled with humidity all year round.

Extreme temperatures will have a massive impact on your belongings, especially if they are fragile materials like paper or metal. The addition of the outside elements will cause them to rust or fall apart in time. If you’re gone too long, you might return to your items in fragments.

Rain, humidity, heat, and more can all impact items in a storage unit without proper climate control. It’s worth it to add a storage unit with your things.

Excellent Air Quality

In some cases, climate control in a storage unit helps control the overall quality of the air. This statement is especially true for climate-controlled units inside a building. With the right circulation and airflow, it’s possible to keep the air quality to the highest standard, excellent for the things housed inside.

Poor air quality leads to the destruction of valuables that are easily damaged, such as the pages of valuable books or metal surfaces. It’s ideal to pick a location with the highest air quality possible.

The best way to achieve this high-quality air is to go with a climate-controlled storage unit. They will keep everything stable and ensure your belongings remain in one piece.

Protection from Debris, Dust, and Bugs

Although most units claim to defend the items inside, a climate control unit does the best job of this action. Because the unit needs to be in an area where the climate is maintained, it will better protect your items from debris, dust, and bugs that are found in storage units outside.

Debris, dust, a are the downfall of many quality units. Once these items find their way inside, it’s only a matter of time before they wreak havoc on your products made of fragile materials, such as clothes, books, and even food items you may have placed inside the storage unit.

Climate control means safety from debris, dust, and bugs. Your items are less likely to encounter these invaders, allowing them to stay in one piece for much longer.

Consistent Area for Collectibles

Many choose to store collectibles inside storage units, assuming they will remain safe and in one piece for the duration of the stay. Unfortunately, this statement isn’t always the case. If the locker doesn’t have a consistent atmosphere, there is a high chance damage will occur to the valuables in time.

The best way to store collectibles is to provide them with consistent storage temperatures. In a storage locker, this means adding climate control to your unit. It’s the best way to maintain a temperature range, allowing for stability for delicate materials in the locker.

Climate control will prevent book pages from falling apart, metal from rusting, and other valuable materials from coming apart upon contact with the unstable air and temperatures that come with it. It’s worth it if you’re considering the storage of priceless materials inside your unit. Climate control means safety for the items you hold close to yourself.

Money Saved

Although climate-controlled lockers are more expensive, they are more cost-effective in the long run. Every extra dollar spent on climate control means more put into keeping your items inside in the best possible condition. Climate control is a protective barrier and worth every penny.

The longer you have your items inside the storage locker, the more valuable climate control is for your wallet. Climate control means more control over what you pay to replace your priceless belongings.

Climate Controlled Storage Units in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Although climate control might seem like an unnecessary addition to a storage unit, it’s valuable. If you invest in a locker with climate control, you will experience peace of mind, defense from extreme temperatures, high air quality, protection from debris, and a consistent location for your collectibles. It’s an excellent addition to the room.

We hope this information was helpful! If you’re looking for a storage facility with climate controlled units, look no further than Lock Box Self Storage in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. We offer everything you need to keep your things safe. We are affordable and ready to keep all your belongings in proper condition for as long as you need.