What To Do With Your Outdoor Summer Toys


August 6th, 2021

With summer here, people are hitting the lake, the trails or their favorite fishing hole.

What are people doing for summer fun in Mount Juliet?

The city between two lakes has a wide range of outdoor activities for everyone. Outdoor recreation from biking, boating, kayaking, sailing, skiing, fishing, playing golf, tennis, hiking, camping, jogging or simply having a picnic. You’ll find ways to achieve any of these this summer.

What to do with your summer fun equipment?

Lock Box Self Storage can help you store your summer toys when you’re not using them. These items can take up much need space in the homes. Our 5x5 storage units that have 11-foot-high ceilings. These units are great for storing your kaya’s, fishing poles, bikes, camping equipment, and all our outdoor fun equipment. When your ready for your next outdoor activity just pull up to your storage unit and get your equipment.

Our storage facility has a great area that you can park your boat, rv or camping trailer. With 24-hour access you can come and hook up and head out for some great fun when ever your families ready. Call us so we can help you with storing your larger outdoor toys.

Living in the city between the lakes give us so many opportunities to have fun outdoor activities with our friends and family. The local state parks and city parks have great hiking trails, tennis courts, splash pad, tennis golf, and much more. Take time to explore all our amazing city has to offer.

The more outdoor activities you play, the more equipment you’ll have. So don’t try cramming them into your garage, vehicle or home. Let us help you with a storage unit to keep them organized and your home free of the clutter. Your toys will be accessible 24 / 7.

When winter arrives, store your patio furniture. Don’t leave your outdoor furniture exposed to the elements during the cold winter months. Wash and dry, then bring it to your storage unit for safe keeping to spring arrives.

Lock Box Self Storage can help you with a storage unit for your outside equipment, boat or camping trailer parking. This will free up so much space at your home, and in your garage. Check out our online storage rentals or contact us set up storage.