When to Use Climate-Controlled Storage Units


June 27th, 2022

Blog Post 2022-06-27
Having more things than space to put them is a common issue across the United States. The most common reason that people often need additional storage space is surrounding a home sale, where either their old home sold quickly and closing on the new home is taking longer, or similar situations. This means you may end up with a house worth of furniture and electronics that you need to safely store for a few weeks, or maybe even a few months.Renting a storage unit is one of the easiest solutions to these challenges. It can be obtained nearly entirely online in a matter of minutes, it can potentially safeguard your property in times of uncertainty, and it can be used for as long as you want. But now many storage facilities are offering climate-controlled storage units, what are those, and when might you need one?

What Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

A climate-controlled storage unit is a storage unit that has its own temperature and humidity settings. You can generally set your temperature to stay anywhere between 55 and 85 degrees, to closely mimic what would be seen in a home somebody is living in. Generally, people tend to set their temperature lower, because higher temperatures are able to hold higher amounts of humidity The humidity can also be controlled, which is one of the more valuable benefits of the climate-control equipment in the storage units. Lowering the temperature can take excess water out of the air, which can go a long way to helping protect the property you’ve stored. Clothes and furniture can be stored longer and with less damage.

When To Use Climate-Controlled Storage Depends on What’s Being Stored

Climate-controlled units will generally cost more each month to rent. You may wonder if it’s really worth it to spend the extra costs. What can you store in a climate-controlled storage unit? Below are some of the most common things that store best in a climate-controlled environment.

Just about every substance that furniture is made from is susceptible to damage from excess moisture or humidity. The wood used for the framing can absorb moisture and warp or can have the finish damaged. The other materials like fabric, leather and stuffing can also be prone to damage from mold or rot. Keeping furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit removes most of the worry of temperature or humidity damage.

Art, Antiques, & Collectibles
Art or other collectibles are also incredibly common items to store, that would benefit from the climate being controlled. Art and similar antiques are often highly susceptible to damage from water and moisture, which includes humidity. Being able to keep the temperature lower, and the humidity under control can be vital to retaining value in your art collection and other collectibles.

Wine requires relatively significant control over the climate it’s stored in, and keeping your seasonal wine rotation in storage at a climate-controlled storage unit is an ideal use of space. This allows you to keep wine at the perfect temperature to avoid spoilage, and the ability to control humidity can be a key component of long-term storage.

Important Documents & Photos
Paper documents and photographs are two of the things most easily damaged by temperature or humidity changes. Keeping important documents like insurance papers, birth certificates, or investment paperwork in ordinary storage facilities, is asking for them to be damaged in a short time. Even if they are stored in a safe, they should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Electronics & Digital Equipment
Electronics are very easily damaged by humidity, and while they can withstand temperature fluctuations, the humidity that those temperatures bring can damage electronic components quickly. What happens is the humidity begins to corrode the internal components, causing them to form rust on the conductive connections. This causes performance degradation and eventually malfunction or failure. Storing your electronics and digital equipment properly is crucial to preventing damage to those components, especially if they are going to be stored for a long period. Most devices are considerably costly, and replacing them because they were stored improperly can be expensive and frustrating. Storing in a climate-controlled unit gives you complete control over the conditions of the storage unit.

Musical Instruments
No matter what type of instrument you play, chances are there’s a component in that instrument that can be damaged by temperature or humidity. With string instruments, you need to worry about the wooden body warping or cracking. With woodwinds or brass instruments, you need to worry about the operation of the valves and keeping the internals corrosion-free. In many cases, damage to musical instruments caused by water or humidity cannot be repaired and the instrument must be rebuilt or replaced entirely.

Clothing seems to be one of those things that we keep storing and storing, even when we say we’re not going to store any more of it. When it’s not stored properly it always ends in the same disappointment, too. Musty-smelling or moldy clothes, cracked leather, and wasted fashion opportunities are all that come from storing your clothes in conventional storage units instead of climate-controlled units. Controlling the climate reduces the possibility of mold, mildew, moths, and other potential hazards.

Appliances that were bought on sale and not installed yet, appliances used for rental properties, or even just extra appliances you may have on hand are prime property for storing in a climate-controlled storage unit. The conditions will help mimic the home they would ordinarily be installed in, which helps them to last longer, deteriorate slower, and prevent damage that might otherwise occur from storing appliances in the basement or garage.

Working WIth Lock Box Self Storage Can Simplify The Storage Process

No matter what you need to store, using a climate-controlled storage unit is almost always the smarter option. If you need some additional storage space for the property that needs more than “garage” conditions, reach out today to discuss your storage needs with the experts at Lock Box Self Storage in Mt Juliet, Tennessee.