When to Use Short Term Self-Storage Units


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September 1st, 2023

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When many people think about self-storage units, they think about locations where they can keep their possessions for years, or at least a very long time. But the truth is that there are options if you want to hold your items in a location and keep them safe even for a short period. You don’t have to use self-storage units only if you’re stashing stuff away for years.

The truth is that short-term self-storage can be a sensible choice when you need to locate an off-site storage solution for a short period of time. You might be wondering when that could be. What points in your life call for short-term self-storage? When you really think about it, there are many times when you should call upon a self-storage unit for a brief period.

Using Short Term Self-Storage Units


This is probably the biggest reason why people use self-storage units for a short amount of time. Short-term self-storage spaces can be utilized in order to store any of your items when you are transitioning between residences if you are moving. When you are going from one house or apartment to another, a self-storage space will help you and take a lot off your full plate.

This is especially helpful if you’re not going to immediately be in your new residence. If there is a delay between moving out of your old home and into your new one, this is extremely beneficial. You don’t have to worry about immediately putting your stuff into the new place but can keep it all in your unit as you adjust to the new residence and then have the space needed for all your new stuff.


Renovating your house can be a wonderfully smart move that can make you feel more comfortable and add great value to your home. But it can also leave you little space for your stuff. That is when a short-term self-storage unit could be right for you.

During the renovation process, you will probably have to move some furniture as well as other items from your house to make room for the long process. Within this remodeling phase, short-term self-storage can keep all your belongings secure and accessible for when you need them.

Seasonal Items

While everyone loves a Christmas tree or Halloween decorations, they obviously don’t have to be visible and accessible all year long. They are only needed for a few select months per year. And, unfortunately, they also take up a lot of space when they are out too.

Therefore, when these items are not in use, a short-term self-storage unit can keep them in order and safe from the weather. They will not only keep these goods tidy and safe but storing them in a short-term self-storage facility lets you free up room in your house. When you think about it, there are many things that you don’t use year-round. For example, your gardening supplies don’t get pulled out in the winter and your snow clothing isn’t touched in the summer. All of this can be placed in short-term storage.

Living Temporarily

If you're temporarily living somewhere - whether with a friend or family or in a dorm room or hostel - you might not have enough space for all your beloved possessions. So, until you are prepared to move into your permanent home, you might have to keep some of your belongings secure in a self-storage unit that you won’t be using once the move is completed.

Eliminating Clutter for Selling

You can relocate extra furniture and possessions temporarily into a self-storage unit if you are trying to get your home ready to sell or just wanting to get rid of the clutter that you have. Because of this, you can better market your house to potential purchasers.

Clutter is never a good thing but it’s even worse when you are trying to sell your home because it can really hurt the value that your home finds on the market. Therefore, short-term self-storage is great for that specific reason.

Planning An Event

More room is often needed by people and organizations for event-related furnishings, supplies, as well as decorations. To keep all of these belongings in order, in one place, until the event is held, party planners and companies often consider short-term self-storage.

Temporary Employment

To avoid the hassle of transferring everything with you if your job needs you to relocate for a brief work assignment, you may decide to keep your personal items in a self-storage facility close to your place of employment. This is best if you are going to be away for a few months and don’t want to handle the long and complicated process of moving everything.

Emergency Circumstances

Short-term self-storage can also provide you with a secure place where you can keep all of your belongings during unplanned situations like natural catastrophes or unexpected moves while you handle the matter at hand. The good news is that most self-storage units can keep your items away from bad weather and even things like dust and humidity.

Although most people think about storage units as places where you keep items for months, years, even decades, that isn’t the case. The option of short-term self-storage is a terrific option if you wish to have a versatile, inexpensive, and safe location to keep your items for just a period.

Self-Storage Units in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Self-storage facilities will provide the convenience and assurances that you need, whether you are planning a big move, renovating a house, decluttering your living situation, or dealing with certain circumstance that necessitates temporary storage. You can easily move what you need into the short-term unit and then pull it out whenever you need.

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