Where to store your boat in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

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March 21st, 2024

Where to store your boat in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Need to store your boat in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee? Look no further than Lock Box Self Storage – your secure and conveniently located self-storage facility serving Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and Lebanon, Tennessee.

About Percy Priest Lake

J. Percy Priest Lake Reservoir is formed by the dam of the same name and is located about 10 miles east of Nashville, TN. Formed in the 1960s, the lake is named for Congressman Percy Priest and spans over 14,000 surface acres. It is a popular spot for locals and summer tourists alike to swim or engage in other water sports activities like canoeing, fishing or wakeboarding. The land that surrounds the lake covers nearly 20,000 acres for public use, 10,000 acres of which is devoted to wildlife management.

How to Decide Where to Store Your Boat

With Percy Priest Lake and Old Hickory Lake so close by, many of our clients need a place to store their boats. Whether you own a boat for personal purposes or you run a water sports-related business, it’s necessary to find a place to keep your property stored securely during the off-season. It’s also important to ensure that your boat is conveniently located near the water, so you never have to travel too far. But with so many rental facilities close by, how do boat owners find the best one to suit their storage needs? At Lock Box Self Storage, we offer high-end security, helpful staff, and 24-hour accessibility to your property – all with the benefit of a convenient location. Here’s why we’re the best option for storing a boat in Mt. Juliet.

Convenient Location

First, you’ll need to decide how far away you are willing to drive to park your boat. Are you willing to drive for hours away from your home, or would you rather have a location conveniently located next to the boat launch? Lock Box Self Storage is located near Percy Priest Lake and the Cumberland River, making it a convenient choice for boat storage.


When you store your boat, you want to ensure its safety. At Lock Box Self Storage, we have high-end technology and security systems in order to keep your property safe from theft, vandalism and other forms of damage. We offer a secure, outdoor storage area where you can park your boat during the off-season, or anytime that you aren’t on the water. Not only is our outdoor storage area equipped with state of the art surveillance systems and security cameras, but we also have a fenced-in perimeter and a manager on premises at all times. Boats and insurance are expensive, so you should never risk leaving your boat with any facility not taking every precaution to keep your property safe from damage or theft. You can be rest assured that your boat is securely locked up and looked after at Lock Box Self Storage.

Helpful Staff

Our storage facility has personnel on-site at all times. During our business hours, our friendly, helpful staff can offer assistance and can answer any questions you have. Best of all, when you contact us, you’ll reach us every time – you will never have to go through a call center. While you might not need assistance every time you visit, having someone available to ask questions or handle emergencies can give you peace of mind when storing and managing your boat.

24/7 Access

Whether you tend to work off-hours or simply like to get a head-start in the early morning, the convenience of having access to your property at all times allows for lots of flexibility in your day and your schedule. Lock Box Self Storage is open to our customers 24/7 – meaning that you can take your boat out early in the morning or transport it during any time of day. And, since we’re only 25 minutes away by car from both Seven Points and Nashville Shores, it makes it easy to get in and out of the water without having to drive for hours on end. What’s more, our storage facilities are only opened up using high-tech keypad systems – each client is given a unique access code so we can track who is coming in and out of the facility at any given time.


Our clients have different reasons for storing boats with us. Some are storing a single boat over the winter. Others are business owners who need to store boats and other vehicles when they’re not in use. Others need a place to keep a boat for a short time while moving or renovating. Whatever your needs, Lock Box Self Storage gives you flexibility. We offer month-to-month contracts with no deposit, making it a convenient option for short-term storage. And longer-term storage is simple with our online autopay system.

About Seven Points Campground

Located on Percy Priest Lake, the Seven Points campground offers an oasis of nearly 60 spacious camping sites for you and your family to spend the weekend. Whether you’re camping in a tent, or even in an RV, you’ll have access to all of the campground’s amenities. What’s more, Seven Points also has a convenient boat launch ramp for easy access directly into Percy Priest Lake.

Ready to Store Your Boat With Us?

Feeling confident in choosing a secure storage facility near you? Lock Box Self Storage has taken into consideration all of the key features you’d need to keep your boat secure in storage. With our convenient location just off of Lebanon Road, we’re easily accessible to the towns of Mt. Juliet, Hermitage and Lebanon – not to mention, less than 30 minutes from the reservoir! To secure a storage spot with Lock Box Self Storage, be sure to include the following information when making an official inquiry: name of the owner, license plate number, photo ID, make of the boat, proof of insurance, and, last but not least, be sure that the vehicle is in working order. Have more questions? Reach out to one of our team members to schedule a walk-through.