Who Needs Self Storage Insurance?


July 23rd, 2021

Lock Box Self Storage helps businesses and people store their belongings and keep them out of the elements. Insurance makes sense to protect the items being stored in your storage unit. We offer insurance for all our renters. You might already have homeowners or renter’s insurance policy that will protect the items you’re storing. Our management staff is happy to help guide you to find out what the best coverage will be for what you’re storing.

Property Loss When Storing

We strive to keep our facility security with 24-hour camera monitoring, gated and on-site management. We are not responsible for damages to items stored at our facility. Just as if you were renting an apartment or house, you must insurance the content of what you have at the property. Our staff will explain what options we offer on site. Our recommendation is that you also check with your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy. We offer Storesmart insurance policies as a convenience for our customers.

Who Needs Storage Insurance?

People don’t always think about damage or loss when using a self-storage unit. Although a rare occurrence, situations can happen where you will want to protect what you have in storage. If your using storage for short or long-term, it’s a good idea to safeguard what is being stored. Using a good disc padlock and the facilities security procedures, and up keep will help. As we know from the tornado in 2020, anything can happen. We encourage all our tenants to have some type of coverage for what they are storing at Lock Box Self Storage.

Ask Your Insurance Agent

When ensuring your contents with your homeowners or renters insurance make sure that they will cover at the location your storing. Ask what the limits of the coverage are, what is the deductible and what types of natural disaster they cover. This will make sure you are fully protected. Also, find out how they need you to handle the inventory list of what you will be storing at the facility. They may want just a list, photos, or even a video of what you are storing and when your remove or place new items in storage.

Ensure Your Belongings with Storsmart Insurance.

Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers your storage, Storesmart insurance can also fill in the gaps that you might have. This will help give you that peace of mind.

As your self-storage location, we are not a licensed insurance provider or agent. We can offer you a supplementary insurance plan that is simple to add to your storage unit rental at any time. The cost starts at $9 per month and is added to your monthly payment. The cost will change based on the amount of overage you will need. Please contact us for the details.

If you’re looking for a convenient storage near you, please let us know. You can rent online anytime, call us over the phone or come to our office. We look forward to helping you meet your storage needs.