Winter Moving Tips


December 17th, 2021

Moving in the winter can work against us. Even if Old Man Winter decides to turn cold, but frost on everything and maybe even snow, you can still make your move happen. Use the below the winter moving tips to help protect during the winter move.

Plan Plan Plan

Keep track of the local weather forecast and the forecast for your travel route and destination for your moving day. If we have cold wet weather or even snow you may want to look at, moving your scheduled day forward or back even by a few hours could help avoid the worst of it.

If you can wait and let the sun, come out, this will help your move. Stay in touch with your professional movers, prior to moving day and discuss changes that may need to be made because of the weather. When you’re bringing your items to Lock Box Self Storage, try to bring them when it is not raining. If you have any questions, please call us.

Keep Your Shovel & Squeegee Handy

Nothing worse than trying to stagger down a wet, icy driveway lugging your heavy items, or the boxes full of china that you inherited from family. Be careful! Make sure that you leave time to clear the walkways and driveway, and even the street where you’ll be parking your moving vehicle. Having salt or melting chemicals on hand for traction can help for traction in case of any slick spots.

Protect Your Floors

No matter how careful everyone tries to be, keeping the dirt, slush, water from tracking inside will be difficult. Keeping the foot traffic areas in and out protected in your home on moving day will help keep you from having to clean up your new place. Use floor mats outside each door and cover the main traffic routes inside the entry points with a drop cloth, plastic sheets, or any type of floor covering. This will protect your floors and rugs from damage and minimize any extra cleaning that may need to be done afterward. Lock Box Self Storage sells a range of moving supplies that can help.

Have Soft Items on Hand

In case it would start raining or even snowing when you’re halfway through your move, have some sheets, towels, or blankets near the doors or inside the moving truck. You can toss them over pieces of furniture or boxes to keep off the rain or snow as your move your items. The towels can also be used to quickly wipe off anything off before it has a chance to do damage.

Turn Off the Heat

Avoid a spike in your utility bill by turning off or down your heat on moving day. Having one or more exterior doors consistently open will let all the heat escape. If you can designate one area, like a smaller room as a temporary warming place, and keep that area toasty with a space heater. You and your movers can take short breaks to warm up or dry off ass needed.

Keeping some hot chocolate or warm cider available to help warm up everyone can help keep them moving. If you have pets, try keeping them corralled in a room as well. They’ll be safe, comfortable, and not underfoot.

Safety First

Safety must always come first. Making sure your friends, movers, and yourself are safe during the move must be the top priority. Plan and keep these tips in mind will help you get through your winter move.

Let us know at Lock Box Self Storage if we can help with any of your moving plans. Check out our store for items to use during the move.